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There’s a great deal of variety between corporate video and multimedia projects and as a result it is impossible for us to cover every different question on our website. Below is a list of questions that we have been frequently asked. If you can’t find the answer to your question below, please contact us directly and we would be happy to help.

What format do you shoot in?

We shoot in HD, either 1280x720 or 1920x1080 depending upon the requirements of the project. We then compress the footage into whatever format is required, be it DVD, Mpeg 4 etc. If the end project is to be provided on Blu-Ray then we leave the footage uncompressed, for maximum quality.

Can I expect the same people on the day that have produced the footage on your website?

Crystal Media Productions has a small core team, with a list of experienced freelancers that we hire in for bigger projects. As such you can be assured that your lead cameraman on the day will be one of the cameramen that has produced the content on this site.

Do you charge travel expenses?
Usually no. However for projects abroad travel expenses will be required.

What is the furthest you will travel?
We will travel anywhere, but as stated above, projects abroad will require you to pay for travel expenses and possibly accommodation.

Can you arrange for presenters?
Crystal Media Productions has contacts with a variety of talent agencies and sites based in the UK. We can provide suggestions on talent or find someone to meet your specific needs. Obviously the price will vary depending upon the presenter and the agency.

I don’t know what format I will need the footage in. Will you be able to advise me on this?
Yes. Crystal Media Productions has given advice on the correct format to a variety of different clients. Usually this will be impacted upon by where you plan to display the footage, for example a website or an app. In this instance we may need to speak with the person designing the app or site, but we will happily work with them to provide the best quality available.

What editing equipment do you use?

Crystal Media Productions uses a mac based operating system featuring Final Cut Pro 7 (exclusive to Mac and one of the top two editing systems available). In addition, we have access to the entire Adobe suite, featuring After Effects, Photoshop and Flash. If you would like to be told exactly what equipment will be used to produce your project please enquire when making your booking.

You have stated on your website that you make a variety of multi-media products, exactly what products can you make?
To date we have produced, websites, Flash games, I-Phone apps and Android Apps. We’re always looking to expand our repertoire, so if you have something in mind not currently listed, please enquire and we’ll let you know if our staff are able to produce it.

After you’ve completed my project, if I want more doing to it, will you make changes and possibly arrange additional shoot days?
Or course, however we don’t keep footage forever. Usually we will keep footage for about three months from the date the project has been completed. If you’re likely to want anything extra doing to it, let us know so that we can keep the footage on our servers.

Will you meet with us before we make a booking to discuss the project?
Absolutely, you need to know that whoever you book can get the job done and we’re more than happy to prove that up front. For local businesses we will do this meeting free of charge. For businesses situated further away, we will have to charge travel expenses.

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