With Corporate Video, the size and scale of projects can vary immensely. As such, it is impossible for us to give a definitive price guide that will suit every project. The prices below are designed to give you an idea of the equipment that can be provided and the sort of price you can expect to pay.

Low Budget:

For productions that will only need one cameraman, with up to one assistant.
Cameraman with full HD camera for up to six hours - £300 per day.
A basic edit will usually take up to three days, with a quote being given up front for the number of days required. £150 per day editing**.

Medium Budget:

Intended for productions that require either a cameraman and sound person, or a cameraman with lighting kit. These will usually be used if shooting interviews or a conference speaker.
Cameraman & Sound Person/ Cameraman & lighting kit for up to eight hours* - £450 per day.
An edit and basic titles will usually take between five to ten days, with a quote being given up front for the number of days required. £150 per day**.

High Budget:

Intended for productions that use the majority of our equipment, including sound, lights and camera, with high quality production values, a minimum of two members of staff and quality titles to match.
Crew and Equipment for up to eight hours* - starting from £650 per day.
An in depth edit with high quality titles produced across a variety of programs and created for a variety of formats will take between seven and fifteen days depending upon the specifics of the project. £150-£200 a day depending upon equipment used**.

If you are unable to find a package that accurately represents your needs, please contact us directly and we will be glad to advise you on what we can offer.

*If you require a shoot that will last for longer than eight hours, please add £40 per hour per member of staff that you will require.

**An editing period will be quoted for all projects before any shooting commences. You will be charged based upon the period quoted, if the project takes longer to edit, you will not be charge an additional amount. If a re-edit is required for any reason, the price for this will be negotiated separately.

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