Book Launch, Lilou Mace, Professionally Filmed.
Corporate Events Filmed by Crystal Media Productions.

Below is a collection of comments that we have received from clients kind enough to provide us with feedback.

“I am incredibly pleased with the service the OEA has received from Crystal Media Productions. Not only did you heavily undercut the previous quote that I had received from a competitor, but you also provided a finished product that easily matched the quality they could produce. You have worked closely with us over the last few months, making the appropriate revisions that we required and it has been a pleasure working with you. I am very pleased with the end result.”
K. Deshayes - Old Eastbournian Association

“Hi, just to say that I’ve downloaded the videos and they all seem to be working fine. Really like the set of titles you’ve done for them. Cheers”
D. French - Quick Fix Golf Tips

“The footage that you have provided from my book signing is exactly what I was after. It’s nice to have some footage of how everything’s come together and the video will look great on my blog. I just wanted to say thank you for helping me get the footage format to match with my sites. I know that this wasn’t part of the original quote and I really appreciate you doing this at no extra charge.”
L. Mace - Novelist

“I’m really pleased with how the first mixer evening has gone. It was a great turn out and I was overwhelmed by the evening. Now that it’s all over it has been wonderful to watch through the footage and see the event a second time. The finished product looks great and will make a nice trailer for on my website. Let’s hope it makes the next Socialite Evening even bigger. Hope to see you there.”
E. Ray - Socialite Evenings

“The flash game you’ve created is now up on our website. We’ve had five hundred people sign up for it over the weekend, which is great. I’m confident that this will really help with promoting my product.”
D. Loug - Independent

“The first Nemacon is done and dusted and it’s been great to watch over the clips that you’ve put together. The design work that you did for our site was great and I’d been eagerly awaiting the finished videos. I wasn’t disappointed, these will be great for drawing in new attendees and showing what we did this year to our sponsors. It would be cool if we could get you guys back up for next year.”
J. Adams - Nemacon

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