Wedding Packages

Ceremony Package:

Filming from the arrival of the Bride at the Church or Venue, we film through to the end of the wedding ceremony, capturing the service, readings vows, exchanging of the rings and the blessing. The footage is then fully edited and three copies are provided on DVD.
Total cost: £375.00 (+£10 per additional DVD).

Silver Package:

This package includes filming the arrival of the Bride, wedding ceremony, the wedding breakfast and toasts. The service finishes after the first dance. The footage is then fully edited into a main sequence and a highlights sequence and three copies are provided on DVD.
Total cost: £650.00 (+£10 per additional DVD).

Golden Package:

This service includes all of the above in addition we film at the Bride or Grooms house before the wedding, include personalised interviews with guests, film until 10pm and create personalised DVD menus and graphics.
Total cost: £850.00 (+£10 per additional DVD).

Get a Digital Copy free of charge!
Would you like your highlights sequence uploading to the internet with privacy settings so that only you, your family and friends can see them? Just request a digital copy of your highlights and we'll upload if for you free of charge and send you the passwords.

Upgrade to Blu-Ray for £75.00!
This option allows you to replace your DVDs with Blu-Ray discs instead. With this option you can have a mix of Blu-Rays and DVDs or all three copies on Blu-Ray

DVD Invites:
This new package has been introduced due to interest from people on the website Hitched. It presents an excellent chance to work with your videographer prior to your wedding day. With this package we will create a video inviting your family and friends to your wedding day. The video is upto four minutes long, includes a message from the couple, images of the venue, a map of the local area, and titles giving further details about the day. This footage can then either be uploaded online or sent out to family and friends as a fashionable new way to invite your guests. This package includes upto 20 copies on DVD.
Total Cost: £100 (+£3 per additional DVD).

DVD Thank You Messages:
It's the digital age, so why restrict yourself to saying thank you in writing when instead you could thank all of your family and friends for their help on camera? As an extra for on your wedding day, book a Thank You Message. This can be filmed privately on the day and then put onto DVD, with a copy of your wedding highlights. This package includes 20 copies of your thankyou message and highlights for distribution to family and friends.
Total Cost: £100 (+£3 per additional DVD ).

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Wedding filmed at a church in Kent.

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